Friday, July 1, 2011

The Garden

I have been trying for years to grow a successful garden here in Georgia. The soil is red clay, far different from the rich farm soil we had in Pennsylvania. The few years I had some success, the rabbits would get to the vegetables before I could.

This year I decided I would build raised garden beds.

I've planted, tomatoes, yellow squash, cucumbers. Peppers, beans and lettuce.

And Strawberries!

I was hoping that the raised beds would keep the rabbits out, but no such luck.  The rabbits got to the first perfect strawberries before I did!
I put some black netting over the strawberry plants and anchored it down.  I thought I had a fool proof solution.  This morning I went out, there sitting on the ledge of the garden bed was a half eaten strawberry!!  I am certain the rabbit did it just to mock me!!  I am starting to feel like Mr. McGregor, trying to catch Peter Rabbit. 
Now instead of a having a relaxing  hobby of gardening, it has become a battle between me and the rabbits.  Funny, I'm still very much enjoying it, just didn't realize it was going to be a fun little competition to see who could get the veggies first!!!

Kaylie's 21st Birthday!!

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