Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesdays with Lolly~The Bottle

Avery Was being so cute today!
She woke up so happy from her nap, so of course I had to take tons of picts!
My Camera wasn't cooperating!
She was so funny with her expressions!
I was having so much fun taking picts, that I didn't pay attention to the time ~ one minute she was laughing the next minute she was starving!  Avery hasn't been thrilled taking a bottle the past couple of times so I bought  a new type of bottle to see if that would help.  After 20 minutes of trying different bottles, various formula tempertures, several different positions ~ all the while Avery was crying ....Alot, ( we had to blow on her face a couple of times cause she was so upset at moments she was forgetting to breathe), Summer suggested she change her diaper to calm her down(she loves to have her diaper changed!) Summer's idea was genius~ Avery settled down immediately so while Summer changed Avery, I quickly googled "how to get a breastfed baby to take a bottle"  there were some weird suggestions  nothing that seemed like it would work immediately, it did say to not wait until the baby was real hungry(too late for that!) We decided to try the bottle while she was still laying on the sofa; she was still calm from the diaper change.  The TV happened to be on and it seemed to distract her enough for her get some formula into her tummy.  We gently moved her to her vibrating, bouncy seat, found a kid friendly show(Author)and plopped her in front of the TV, she was mesmorized and enjoyed a full 3 ounces while catching up on Author!! 
We had a blast..............funny how 20 minutes of crying is not as stressful when it's not your own baby!  I hope Brittany and Ryan will still trust us with Avery even though we resorted to the TV!! 

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  1. haha love it! of course you can still watch Avery even though you put her in front of the tv...why do you think she likes it so much? she is used to me watching it! Thanks so much. Pictures are great!